Pairing delicious foods with fantastic drinks

we offer a variety of local beers and wines, crafted sodas and specialty drinks. 


Beers on Draft and Bottled -

We rotate our 8 tap handles between local breweries, allowing us the opportunity to provide a variety in styles, flavors, and experiences. Please contact us for the most current list. 

Some Locals we've partnered with, click they're name for more information.

Amador Brewing Co.

Crooked Lane Brewing

Dust Bowl Brewing

Fort Rock Brewing

Mraz Brewing Co.

Out Of Bounds Brewing

Old Hangtown Beer Works

Ol’ Republic Brewery

Solid Ground Brewing

Bottles and Cans: Port Brewing Board Meeting Double Brown Ale, Almanac Seasonal Sour, Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter, Left Coast Voodoo Stout, Golden State Mighty Dry Cider, High Water Chocolate Orange Cream Ale, Pizza Port Swami’s IPA,  Ol’ Republic Dead Canary Lager, Rotating Non-Alcoholic, Omission Reduced Gluten  IPA  Or Pale Ale.


Exclusive Italian Imports

We have two red wines- Schioppettino and Nero D'Avola. Both are not anything like California wines but offer a unique wine experience. 

Two whites - The award winning Falangina is a cross between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The world class Pinot Grigo from Udine, Italy is crisp and sweet. 

Try picking up a bottle of Italian Champagne. We have two kinds, a brut and a rose' at a much better price point than French Champagne. 


Crafted Sodas and Specialty Drinks

Coca-Cola, Sprite, IBC Root Beer and Diet Root beer , IBC Cream Soda, Spicy Ginger Ale, Pellegrino, Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Orange and Apple Juices, Ice tea, Hot teas, Hot Chocolate, and Coffee.


We also have some fun mixed beverages made with fermented liquors. A margarita, Collins, Dirty Shirley Temple... We can also mix and match your liquor and a mixer for you.



Some of our craft sodas and fermented liquors.

Unique and Local Wines


Rose or Brut Franciacorta from La Montina -  Italy

Prosecco from Gancia- France                                                                    

Estate Moscato from Lange Twins - Lodi                                                  

Seasonal  Mimosa                                                                                             

PORTS (3 oz pours) from: Graham's, Narrow Gate’s Chocolate Splash - Placerville or Perry Creek- Placerville.


Chardonnay from: Angeline Wines- Napa, Lava Cap - Placerville, or Raymond Vineyards Reserve - Napa. 

Falanghina from Torre A Orient - Italy

Sauvignon Blanc From: Hess Shirttail Ranches- Napa or 24 Brix - Sacramento 

Pinot Gris from Joel Gott Wines- Napa and a Pinot Grigio From Teresa Raiz - Italy

Viognier From Holly’s Hill - Placerville                                                                        

White Blend From Conundrum - Napa                  


from Borjon's Ecks in Plymouth or Conundrum's from Napa


Cabernet Sauvignon from Caymus - Napa, Avalon - Napa, or Runquist - Plymouth                                                

Pinot Noir from Martin Ray - Russian River, or Runquist - Plymouth                   

Sangiovese From Borjon - Plymouth

Merlot from Coast Wines - California

Barbera from Jodar - Placerville, or Borjon - Plymouth

Malbec from  Red Schooner Voyage 4 -Napa

*Shioppettino from Teresa Raiz - Italy

Primintivo from  Borjon - Plymouth

Tempranillo from Runquist - Plymouth                                                

Zinfandel from Terra D'Oro Deaver Vineyard- Plymouth, or Scott Harvey - Plymouth    

Nero D’Avola from Mosaikon  - Italy

RED BLENDS                                                              

House Sangria

C.G. Di Arie – Summer Breeze, Interlude Blend, or Mix Breed- Plymouth                                          

Conundrum Red Blend -  Napa  

24 Brix - Winemaker's  Red - Plymouth                                                

 Did you know? You can purchase any bottles of our wine to take home!!!