Doug Creviston used to make his living as a driver but his heart wasn’t quite in it.


He started taking the furniture and wood folks would throw away to recreate and repurpose items such as making a window from a door. In the process, he discovered his ‘aha’ in turning the garbage into greatness. He quit his job and started making furniture, “The most fun I have is creating…and when they let me do what I want to do, I’m really happy.” Fifteen years later, he has been able to keep really busy the old fashioned way- through word of mouth.


Those spectacular benches on the entire north side of the restaurant are all Doug’s creation. We just gave him minimal direction and let him do ‘his thing’.


We’re sure glad we did.

Doug was recommended to us by our neighbor Mary from Bella’s Home Design where he sells more of his art work. If you want Doug to create your very own masterpiece, he can be reached at 916-201-1778 (cell phone)